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TACO LEG -- Printed Gold

Image of TACO LEG -- Printed Gold

$4.00 - On Sale

"Some dude recently tried to give me crap, saying that Taco Leg had to be some fake band I just made up. It’s a name that lends itself to such disbelief, but that hasn’t prevented numerous American record labels from catching on, a testament to the group’s music. Richie Records steps up to the plate with Printed Gold, a quick three tracks of Taco Leg’s signature “Eddy Current Jr.” punk rock style. They look like little boys on stage, and that sort of naivete comes through their innocent rock songs – they just use guitar, drums and vocals to write these concise tunes that don’t seem as though they were created for mass consumption. That’s certainly their charm. The two on the a-side sound a little more serious and/or depressing than what I’ve heard in the past, though – maybe they’re growing up? They cover Fang’s “The Money Will Roll Right In” on the flip, and anyone dabbling with Fang clearly has a few ghosts in the attic to work out, so who knows, maybe they’re just growing up and meeting the wrong people. It’s like watching a high school drama play out in the form of musical releases – I hope this is just Taco Leg’s “we tried marijuana in the woods behind the school and felt guilty about it” record, and that they are currently working on their “we each got our first girlfriends” release."

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