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FACTORYMEN -- Shitman (warehouse find)

  • FACTORYMEN -- Shitman (warehouse find)

The most under appreciated release on Richie Records!!

"Shitman" LP

"If you consider yourself the type of person who is into weird music, this is a pretty good litmus test as to whether that's a true statement or not." -Rich Kroneiss

Cleveland’s FACTORYMEN (featuring STEVE from THE HOMOSTUPIDS). It’s a thirteen track, double-sided vinyl album that will be wildly praised by some and categorically dismissed by others. You probably already know where you stand.

Astute listeners will note that, like My War, Shitman climbs a peak of psychosis on side b. Tracks like "Treblinka (Going Back)", "Blank Dream", "Are You Hungry", and "Timmy's Lament" will really appeal to all you sociopaths with turntables and paypal accounts.

"...one would assume that this has to be very loose and borderline unlistenable … but quite the opposite is true. The Fmen have this weird stew of music down to a science, extremely tight, natural and well executed." -Ryan Martin, Still-Single

Perhaps the finest track on any TestosterTunes release, "Blank Dream":