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MORDECAI -- "Neil's Generator" LP

Image of MORDECAI -- "Neil's Generator" LP

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Neil’s Generator

Why does everybody make such a big to-do about Mordecai’s Montana origins? Hell, it’s a place just like any other, just bigger than most. And it’s not like the (true) story of them recording in a YMCA bathroom really offers a proper “big sky” vibe, although I’m sure it had a more unique aroma than most studios. But on Neil’s Generator things really do open up in a way where the juxtaposition between huge space/not so huge amount of people really makes sense. If the previous College Rock formed a friendly union between noisy Swell Mapsian clatter, post-garage Fall prickliness, and the all-American DIY basement joy of Mike Rep/Tommy Jay, “Neil’s Generator” is the kind of loose, ragged glory as perpetrated by the Meat Puppets, Rayne, Dead Moon, and the Velvets staring into a cracked and filthy mirror. The guitars- and make no mistake, this is a GUITAR record, and a DAMN FINE one indeed!- retain a spiky waywardness, like if Robert Quine had recorded a Rough Trade single. But these songs have more space to breathe, and therefore function as a launching pad for some gleeful six-string abandon. Not sure how many rodeos the Bodish brothers have watched (or taken part in for all I know), but they certainly understand the risky notion that while sometimes you’re in control of a guitar, other times the guitar can get the best of you. If they’re not afraid to take the chance, you shouldn’t be either. So hop on board.