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3 LP BUNDLE & SAVE.. Jan 2017: Today's Sound of Confusion



All 3 brand-new maddening LPs delivered to your door ahead of the January 27 street date.. Sparrow Steeple "Steeple Two", Mark Feehan "M.F. II", & Mordecai "Abstract Recipe"..

Begins to ship the week of January 10

Sparrow Steeple
Steeple Two

Lightly swirling wah. Is-it-wrong-or-is-it-right leads. Intermittent odd percussion flourishes. Songs about shrimp rolls to go. Loosey goosey warbling atmosphere turned to 10.
This is the world of Sparrow Steeple, comprised of almost all of Philly's legendary Strapping Fieldhands fronted by noted visual artist Barry Goldberg. Beginning secretly in the last decade by Barry with SF mainmen Bob Malloy and drummer Jeff Werner, the band has now become a legit proposition, minus Bob but with SF guitar and bass Jacy Webster and Bob Dickie, keyboardist Dustin Burrows and record maniac Harmonica Dan.
Just as Sir Isaac Newton postulated, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and Strapping Fieldhands fans will find familiar footing here. As for strangers to this weird realm, how about a Tommy Jay more enamored with Incredible String Band than Lou Reed? Confused? We are too.

Mark Feehan

Mark Feehan is a guitarist. In the 80s he bummed Floridian punks in Broken Talent. In the 90s he strangled strings and blew minds in Harry Pussy. Currently he is in post-no wave noiseniks Taiwan Housing Project. But these are mentioned merely as bio, as these things- hell, even Mark's lone solo lp (2012's MF on Siltbreeze)- will give you ZERO preparation for the sounds lurking inside MF 2. Moments of surprising acoustic beauty bookend perplexing electronic sound pools, buzzing almost-punk, Germanic vocal narration... It is safe to say this is the weirdest thing ever to appear on this label, and while we don't pretend to understand it half of it, we do know that we enjoy it. For those who welcome befuddlement and bemusement, we salute you! Hop on board.

Abstract Recipe

Fourth full-length (the 3rd issued by Richie Records//TestosterTunes) from Mordecai of the great upper plains. It’s a no-frills rock (punk? garage? post-punk? indie rock? blech. it’s rock) album that oughta perk up the ears of those interested in things like thwarted freedom, advanced mathematics, the Blue Mask, bum notes, and staring at the wall. Though the band grows increasingly competent and confident with each release, these precocious MFers possess a flippant world-weariness typically reserved for no-accounts and has-beens at the beginning of their third marriage.

Recall, if you can, the moment when you recognized life for what it is: a low-key drag, but one interesting enough to wake up for each morning. Mordecai huddled up in Montana with an electric guitar & some drums & a bass and they put that moment on a record and it’s called Abstract Recipe.

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