• HOME BLITZ - "Out of Phase" (PETTY BUNCO)

(PETTY BUNCO) Limited to 100 copies. Repress of the Home Blitz masterpiece from 2009. Some of us consider OUT OF PHASE to be the finest release to bear the Richie Records // TestosterTunes logo, and the rest of us can't argue with that. This sucker sold out immediately following it's initial release, and thanks to Petty Bunco it'll fly out again. Accept no substitutes, Dan DiMaggio and his Home Blitz are the original screwed up, deceptively-sophisticated, self-sabotaging, off-kilter, eclectic, personality-soaked, electric-guitar-powered pop act of the current era. All others avoid our derision as they remain uninteresting, bland, common, or otherwise unnoteworthy. And here's the kicker: any worthwhile ear will agree that Bob Weston's mastering on this one is an astronomical improvement over any and all digital versions floating around out there. It's staggering.

Here's what RR//TT said when it first came out all them years ago..

“Here’s the music that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s called Out of Phase and it’s the first full-length album from New Jersey’s HOME BLITZ. Negotiating this deal took all types of backroom dealing and late-night, unsavory tactics. Some egos may have been bruised, but the slugfest was worth the coup in welcoming this high-profile act to the RR//TT roster. Out of Phase forges a blazing thirtee- track romp through hard rock, power-pop, and even Oi territories, and it’s got some of the crispest licks since Meat Puppets II (or Priest’s Defenders of the Faith).”