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HOME BLITZ -- "Foremost & Fair" LP

Image of HOME BLITZ -- "Foremost & Fair" LP

$10.00 - On Sale

1st album from Home Blitz since 2009's Out of Phase!!!!

The fractured, ballsy electric guitar pop from Dan DiMaggio’s outfit defines the form. Anybody who has been paying attention already knows that the Home Blitz name is a trademark of quality stamped on a handful of singles and EPs, as well as their jaw-dropping album on the Richie Records label. Foremost & Fair continues the trajectory of those records, achieving heights of fidelity, craft and fretwork dexterity that will continue to elude humbuggers, ham ’n’ eggers, and all the other-butter-users for years to come. DiMaggio and the Home Blitz name have rightfully been pegged to the tradition of prolific, idiosyncratic punk-qua-pop individualists, but if you’re looking for a convenient reference, you won’t find it in this little write-up. Home Blitz stands alone.

"The new Home Blitz does sound like he’s spent the last three years hanging out at renaissance fairs for inspiration. But everything about the album is out in the forefront and clear. Not that you couldn’t tell he was a gifted lyricist and musician before, but it’s exciting to hear him discard of everything that obscured his more striking peculiarities. He puts himself on the line in a really respectable way. Great album, truly singular voice. Bye." - urbankill